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Since 2021, Smart Green Waste Paper Trading LLC has been a cornerstone in the community, involved in both leadership and development. We are proud to lead the way towards a more efficient future with innovative ideas, game-changing technology and transparency. Is now one of the leading Waste Paper Collectors and specializes in Over Issue / Old News Papers, official papers, and cartons. We are a Dubai-based company located in Ras Al Khor Industrial Area, Serving the recycling industry for the past two years.
We have engaged an experienced team of employees for purchasing these materials from customers on their requirements and on a clock basis. We provide good services to our clients by timely loading and offering reasonable prices enabling us a growing company in the market.

We are providing timely services to the customers and ensuring their satisfaction. Our sustainability activities are aimed at enhancing company operations and efficiency. Our solutions are unique and in line with organizational ideals, adding to business equity and brand value. Based on the client's demands and specifications, we provide our services in modular or all-inclusive packages.


We Strive To Better Serve Our Client's Requirements And Keep A Smile On Their Faces By Rewarding Their Trust And Confidence

Our professional workforce and rapid adaptation provide our clients with efficient and cost-effective solutions that ensure long-term asset value. We offers paper recycling and office recycling schemes that are designed to help your organization efficiently manage waste. Paper can be recycled around 5 times until the fibers become too weak and disintegrate.
Figures suggest that paper and cards contribute to nearly one-third of all the household waste collected for recycling. However, that still leaves a large proportion that isn't undergoing the recycling process.



At Smart Green Waste Paper Trading LLC, everything we do is driven by our goals of providing best-in-class services for all clients. This means acting with social and environmental responsibility and integrity. It also entails producing high-quality results that are long-lasting and sustainable.

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