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Waste Paper Collection 

Paper is a valuable material that can be reused and manufactured into new items. Recycling paper involves turning waste paper into new products, including toilet paper, wrapping paper, packaging, greetings cards, cardboard boxes, paper bags, and more. The majority of clean paper is recyclable.

Plastic Division

Collection & Recycling

Plastic is a popular and highly versatile material, and we use a lot of it. Re-using and recycling items as many times as possible can reduce our need to create new plastic.

This means we can Conserve non-renewable fossil fuels (oil).
Reduce the consumption of energy used in the production of new plastic.
Reduce the amount of solid waste going to landfills.
Reduce emission of gases like carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.


Metal Division

Metal Scrap Collection

Metals are essential, versatile, and can be used in a number of ways. Metals can be used for industrial purposes such as the manufacture of trucks, cars, airplanes, ships, and railways. They can also be used to manufacture domestic items such as cutlery, crockery, and even packaging. The good thing about metal recycling is that metal can be recycled over and over without altering its properties.


The most common recyclable metals include aluminum and steel. The other metals, for example, silver, copper, brass, and gold, are so valuable that they are rarely thrown away to be collected for recycling. Therefore, they do not create a waste disposal crisis or problem.

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